Fiber Optic Cabling what’s that?

Did you know PureEdge Technologies specializes in Fiber Optic Cabling, this is a technology that uses light as a digital information carrier. Fiber-optic cables are a direct replacement for coaxial cables and twisted-wire pairs (common cables used for voice and data). The glass-based transmission facilities occupy far less physical volume yet provide a tremendous amount […]

We Offer a Solution That Fits the Needs of our Customers!

Leasing available on equipment Customer support provided by PureEdge representatives, no foreign outsourcing Unlimited local and long distance available Network comprised of six major telecom carriers Variety of brands and models of IP phones available Free consultation regarding Hosted vs On-Site PBX, and network capabilities Data cabling services available, all terminations performed by PureEdge Representatives […]

How can you refer business to us?

When you are in a business and you see beige colored phones on a desk, that customer has an outdated system and is paying more than they should on their phone bill. When you are at a business and you see someone flipping through a Rolodex trying to find a phone number. With our VoIP […]

What’s PureEdge’s Mission?

PureEdge Technologies is dedicated to providing our customers with exceptional service, personalized support, secure and reliable voice and managed support services. PureEdge Technologies’ objective is to become your trusted technology partner, providing you with tailored IT solutions that suit your business needs and budget.

Rainy Day?

Are rainy days affecting your phone service? Many non-PureEdge customers often complain about static calls during rainy weather. PureEdge Technologies can offer much better voice quality for a lot less, with VOIP we could eliminate those issues and provide call savings at the same time!